Charles & Linda Dickens

At Charles Dickens Fine Jewelry, the word fine means exactly that, we do not sell any promotional or gimmick jewelry. We travel all over looking for unique styling and quality makes of jewelry. Whether casual, evening or wedding jewelry, you can be assured that we have taken the guess work out of the equation.

Services We Offer

Watch & Jewelry Repair

Since 1984 we have taken pride in our craftsmanship and ability to maintain value in all the work that is done in our store. Over the years we have taken advantage of every opportunity to advance our skill level and with all of the new technology that is available to us, we still take pride in the fact that the majority of our work is still done with the care and diligence you have come to expect from us.


We at Charles Dickens Fine Jewelry are dedicated to producing unbiased and accurate appraisals. Our pledge to you is to an accurately document and determine the current market value of your precious metal and gemstones. So, that you will be assured that your insurance has adequate coverage against theft, damage or loss. Our 30 years of experience and integrity will provide you with that peace of mind.

Custom Jewelry Design

Jewelry design and manufacturing is only part of what we offer, but to someone who wants a personal or unique piece of jewelry, it’s a very important part. For 30 years Charles has been designing and making beautiful and unique pieces of jewelry for every income range. We believe that custom design shouldn’t be only for the wealthy. If you have an idea, bring it to us, we can make that idea a reality. We also can use you precious metal and gemstones, to enhance any sentimental value.

Buy & Sell Used Rolexes

Rolex watches are known around the world as a symbol of luxury, style and quality.  A new Rolex should only be purchased from a reputable and authorized dealer. If you’re looking to purchase your first Rolex at a reasonable price, a used Rolex is the way to go. Rolex is one of the few time pieces that retain value over time. We have buyers across the country looking for used Rolexes, just let us know what watch your looking for, the price range you want to spend and more than likely we can help.


Thanks to modern technology, our engraving services have greatly increased. We offer engraving on many surfaces, including all types of metal, glass, crystal, wood and plastics.  We have the ability to engrave on spherical surfaces as well as flat. Come by and try us out, we love a challenge.

Buy & Sell Gold

In today’s precious metals market, you want to get the best price, whether you are buying or selling your precious metals, coins, or bullion. Let us give you a quote and see if we can help.