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Heritage Metal Works

Item Price Quantity
Bottle Stopper, Ut Longhorns $32.50
Can Coller, Stsl, Army $26.50
Can Cooler, Stsl, Marines $26.50
Can Cooler, Stsl, State Of Texas $26.50
Can Cooler, Ut Longhorns $27.50
Coffee Mug, Orange, Ut Longhorn $26.95
Coffee Mug, Tcu Clear $24.95
Dobl Old Fash, Tx A&m, Heritage Metalworks $24.95
Goblet Set, Tx A&m $66.50
Goblet Set, U Of Tx $66.50
Heritage Decanter Wine Marines Eg&a $62.50
Heritage Decanter Wine Texas A&m $62.50
Heritage Decanter Wine U Of Texas $62.50
Heritage Dof, Marines Eagle Globe & Anchor Enamel Red $24.50
Heritage Dof, U Of Texas, Orange $24.50
Heritage Footed Pilsner Marines Eg&a $28.75
Heritage Footed Pilsner Marines Eg&a Enamel Red $30.65
Heritage Footed Pilsner Texas A&m Enameled Red $30.65
Heritage Footed Pilsner U Of Texas $28.75
Heritage Footed Pilsner U Of Texas Enamel Orange $30.65
Heritage Goblet Clear Texas A&m $19.50
Heritage Goblet Clear U Of Texas $19.50
Heritage Goblet-clear, Texas A&m, Red $21.00
Heritage Goblet-clear, U Of Tx, Orange $21.00
Heritage Pewter Can Cooler, Tcu, Stainless Steel $27.50
Heritage Pewter Decanter, Glass, Ou Sooner $51.25
Heritage Pewter Flute, Clear, Mask $18.50
Heritage Pewter Keepsake Box With Longhorn Lid $45.00
Heritage Stein Marines Eg&a $26.50
Heritage Stein Marines Eg&a Enamel Red $29.00
Heritage Stein Texas A&m $26.50
Heritage Stein Texas A&m Enamel Red $29.00
Heritage Stein, Univ Of Texas $26.50
Heritage Texas A&m Dof Red $26.50
Heritage Tx A&m Coffee Mug Enanmel Red $26.95
Heritage University Of Texas Stein, Orange Enamel, $29.00
Heritage Ut Orange Coffee Mug With Logo $26.95
Wine Chiller, U Of Tx, Orange $46.50